My aim with the visual compendium was to create an interface between the novice accounting student and the highly qualified teacher and text book. The compendium doesn’t try to be a text book. Instead, it is designed to be an intermediary product that helps you ‘get into’ the topics laid out in your accounting text book.

Many students are disadvantaged when it comes to this. Maybe you don’t have any accounting experience. Or maybe you don’t have friends or relatives in the field, and this can make the task of learning accounting particularly daunting and soul destroying. Nobody should ever feel like that, especially when learning something.

Like the students I want to help, I have neither experience or qualifications in the accounting field. Had I either of those things, I would be of no value to the novice student. The reason for this is I would simply no longer have empathy for you, and when selling ideas and concepts to people, it is very important to have empathy  Рto understand your reservations etc.

The problem with accounting is once you are over the hump, you lose all empathy for the novice. I am now in the same boat, too. As I read about various accounting topics, I can’t see what others would find so difficult about it. In the classroom situation, this results in a case of the blind leading the blind. The teacher can’t see why the student can’t understand the subject, while the student can’t see anything at all.

The whole idea of the See Accounting Now compendium is to change all that. It is written with the novice in mind and provides just enough information for them to follow both the teacher and the text book around the double entry accounting system.



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