Can I get personal coaching?

No. we don’t offer coaching. After reading the compendium, you shouldn’t need coaching. The compendium doesn’t explain everything and the chances are, it won’t match the material in your text book. However, it will get you on track with the topic, and that should be enough for you to work out the rest by yourself.

That said, if you do find sections are a bit “light on” please contact me and I will try to remedy the situation.

Can I try it for free first?

Sure. I offer a free trial so you can do just that. It shouldn’t take long for you to figure out if it is helping you or not.

Is this accredited?

No. It is not accredited in any way, nor is it attached to any particular course. It is designed to be a compendium. In other words, it gives a general explanation of the basic topic. To this end, it may not match your course or text book exactly, but it will help get you on track with the topic.

How long does this take?

The compendium is very quick and easy to read. Most people take a minute to a minute and a half to read each section. Most say they will need to read it again, but they pretty much got the main ideas on the first read through.

Does it have practice exercises?


The compendium does not aim to be a text book or a manual in any way. It’s sole purpose is to help you get the gist of the topic so you can get into it and do the exercises in your text book.

Will this definitely help?

Yes – and the best way to find out is to read the free samples.

How do I know if it covers all the topics in my course?

The compendium covers basic accounting topics common to all courses. It is being updated all the time, but should you have special requests, please use the contact page to make those requests.


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