Online Visual Compendium for Accounting Students

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  • Read relevant topic before class, homework, or tutoring session to get the gist of it
  • Read topics over and over to synthesize visual rote learning.

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Reduce Time Spent in Useless Frustration

Helps you work faster and harder

Get the Gist

Experts agree, the best way to excel in an accounting course is to understand the concepts

Power Into Homework

Most topics take a minute or so to read. They won’t match your text book exactly, but they will provide enough information so you can understand your text book.

Increase Rote Learning Time

Here, you don’t say the same thing over and over – you see the same thing over and over. This synthesizes visual rote learning.

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The Compendium Serves as an Interface Between You and The Accounting Professional

At first, accounting is very confusing. You can’t see what your teacher or tutor is trying to tell you. Your teacher can’t see what you don’t understand.

This visual compendium serves as an interface between you and the accounting professional and text book.

You read it before class or home exercises to get the gist of the topic. Once you have an idea of what the topic is about, you will find it easier to follow your teach and to do the homework.

After this, you use the compendium for study. It is very easy to read, meaning you can easily read it over and over again – while waiting for the bus or train or where ever you have unproductive time. This synthesizes visual rote learning and reinforces your visual memory.




Kelly Scar – Australia

“That’s better”

Corina Nznek – Romania

“That was really comfy”

James Galloway – UK

“Because of my dyslexia, I would need to read topics a couple of times, but I got the gist of it”


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