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The idea for Seeaccountingnow.online started forming in the mid 1990’s. My wife and I had left the futures market and were in the process of starting up an online help desk for small business users of accounting software.

During that time, a young student approached my wife, asking her for help with her accounting studies. The girl, just 19 at the time, had asked one of her class colleagues to help her, but it hadn’t worked out.

My wife agreed to help and they immediately set to work. My wife was an accountant with many years back office experience, and she was very good at what she did. However, when it came to helping the novice student, she was no better than the first person who had tried to help.

Just as things seemed to spiraling out of control, I boldly announced that it was ok, I would help the young girl. I had no idea why I even suggested that I could help, because apart from a small bookkeeping course, which I didn’t understand at all, I had had no accounting experience whatsoever.

I tried so many ways to try explain things, and eventually, after a few months, the track style system used in the compendium started to take shape. It was more or less a brokering act between my highly qualified and experienced wife and the young novice student.

Slowly, slowly, I improved the system. At the same time, her grades improved, as well. She went from bottom of her class to falling into the top 10%. More importantly, she appeared to be much happier, and she was looking forward to the future.

After a while, our online help desk started taking off and it took up all my time and energy. Recently, however, I have thought more and more about my track style, and I have put this compendium together.

Stage 1
I have starting off with basic accounting terms and concepts. This should be sufficient for first year accounting students.
Stage 2
Next, I plan to add further accounting topics. Within the next year or so, I hope to cover approximately 400 accounting topics.
Stage 3
In time, I hope to also include some economics terms and concepts. This way, the compendium can become a quick and easy reference for those wanting a quick run down on various topics

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