Uncleared Checks

Also known as outstanding checks or unpresented checks or undeposited checks

What are Uncleared Checks?

An uncleared check is a check that has been sent to a payee but is yet to be presented to the bank for payment.

How it Works

During the month, the business may send a check to a supplier for goods or services.

You will record this payment in your records. 

​When the supplier receives the check, they will present it to the bank for payment.

Sometimes, however, you will send a check late in the month.

​When making the payment, you will record it in your records as usual. 

This payment should also show in the month-end bank statement. 

​However, the supplier may not have presented the check by month-end.

​So the payment will not show in the bank’s month-end statement.

In this event, the check is known as an uncleared or undeposited or unpresented or outstanding check

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